I know you know.

I know you know.

I am not gonna speak for you, but you miss me. You just do. You can talk about everything with everyone, but you just don’t tell them, that you miss me. But I know, is not just fucking with our each other minds. You’re not that type. And I know that you know.

You don’t talk about me, you don’t show that you care about me. But you do.

And first of all, I will make you accept this to yourself…

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The sad, the fat, the bad.


Sam Smith is singing again. And it’s just fine.
I am so mad. So mad. I was. I think I did send everyone to hell.

Not in that way, I was thinking the things will grow.
You’d say I am sorry, believe me, I love you but not in that way.

She just don’t care anymore. She doesn’t love me. She wait for me to get happy and after that to get back again.

Sorry, you can’t be like this.

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Sorry, but I am not coming back.

Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! FUCK.
I cried. I just fuckin cry every time she talks to me. I returned home. And i died. This feeling, like i don’t know them anymore, like everyone just cry on me on the first day and that’s it, after they just buried under the memories, just some memories. I feel like I lost my person. They want me to act so normal, so me. They talk, they smile, they say things that i just…

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i had a dream,…

i had a dream,…

…where you were fuckin my friend.


ați avut vreodată sentimentul, că vi se rupe sufletul? mai ales cînd te trezești după un vis nebun de real în care țipai și iubeai.

dacă voi nu, păi eu da. o god, i feel like shit again. again about you.

fuckin crazy bitch, ar spune Daniel dacă i-aș povesti visul în timpul căruia o să încep a plînge, pentru niște evenimente care sunt produsul imaginației și…

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Somehow, he does…(5)

Somehow, he does…(5)

-You promise me to let me go!So please, leave.

-Let’s just talk, okay?

-No, there is nothing to talk about! You need to leave!

-Why? Are you afraid of me?

-No, i am afraid of myself! I don’t trust myself with you! Got it?

-Can we go inside and talk? Just a couple of minutes.

-Why inside? Here. We can talk here.

I was angry, and frustrated, and sad and everything in one. I was on fire, every time…

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so pick me. choose me. love me.

so pick me. choose me. love me.

Cel mai greu mi-a fost să accept ideea asta. Că eu nu am fost niciodată unica. Desigur, paradoxul, cei care te vor, tu îi respingi iar pe cei care îi vrei tu, ești doar second choice. Dureros dar suportabil, e că, toți m-au uitat. Iar cei care cînd mă zăresc pe cîteva clipe, doar se gîndesc cinci minute la mine.

Nu, nu îmi plîng de milă, eu de foarte mult timp deja am acceptat lecția și nu mă mai…

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painless. http://wp.me/sA9pM-painless

I see the moon from my window, and i miss my home. I just live with that moment when i will begin to smile from love and freedom.

Cause I just can’t get my feelings right! They mess with my mind and i get lost with strange people. I am not a bad person, but i wish not good things for them, who i don’t trust. I hate them for making me became something that not belong to me.

I know that i am a wild…

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